6 Flashy Pandemic Party Looks to Rock

Almost a year into the pandemic, and we’re all feeling the same way—we want things back to normal. But, unfortunately, as the pandemic rages on, we still need to take certain precautions to protect ourselves and those around us. This doesn’t mean that we need to stay home all the time. As long as we’re being safe and listening to what experts say, it’s okay to have a little bit of pandemic fun. 

However, as flu season approaches and COVID-19 cases seem to be rising, it’s important to take extra care during this time. Partying might not be the right call, but, in certain situations, a small social gathering may be in order. Even if you’re not partying with your friends in person, there are plenty of great ways to throw a virtual pandemic party. Either way, you want to be looking fresh af when you step out, which is why we’ve made a list of some of the hottest trends right now, from rocking a gold grill to trying some bright hair colors.

This Season’s Trends

1. Matching Masks with Outfits

We’ve all gotten pretty accustomed to our new leave-the-house checklist: phone, keys, wallet, mask. And, the more masks become a part of our everyday life as a means to protect ourselves and others, the style of our masks seems to be increasingly more important. Remember at the beginning of quarantine when everyone was wearing whatever masks they could get their hands on? 

Now, people have chic masks that match their outfits, masks with favorite characters from movies and TV, masks with jokes … the options are endless. If you are planning on traveling somewhere for a small holiday gathering or you’re attending a social event in these times, wearing a mask is necessary. And, if you have the option to make your mask a part of your dope outfit, you’ll be looking fresher than every other dude in the place. 

Look for solid black masks for a chic, classic look that easily matches any of your gold chains, funky skeleton ones for the dude who embraces a slightly edgier or harder look, and a variety of flashy colors or designs to match the favorite pieces in your wardrobe. 

Streetwear Chic

2. Streetwear Chic

Streetwear fashion has been an essential part of hip hop since the genre’s inception, crossing boundaries and altering the mainstream idea of fashion. But, in the wake of the first wave of Covid-19, basically everyone was wearing streetwear if not just straight-up pajamas. Fashion has definitely trended toward comfier styles in 2020, and why not? Everybody wants to be comfy. With limited social activities available to us, we should all be ditching our formal suits for our flyest track suits. 

Streetwear can encompass a range of different styles and looks. In fact, that was the original point of streetwear—to allow crossovers between different types of fashion to make way for a style that is more accessible for everyone. Basically, it emphasizes a more casual and comfortable appearance. A simple pair of dark jeans, a plain tee, some gold chains, and a flashy jacket are staple examples of streetwear. Simple, but with some kind of pop. 

3. Crocs Are Gangster, Too

Don’t @ us. We know Crocs aren’t the swaggiest-looking kicks, but, for some reason, they seem to be back with a vengeance. We’re not necessarily telling you to wear them; we're just telling you what’s trendy, so you can find a way to integrate the hottest looks with your own sense of style. When Crocs were first popularized, it was clear that mainstream fashion did not think this was a cute look. Then, they seemed to fall off the map, only to be spotted on the feet of children decorated with charms of their favorite cartoon characters. 

Although we can’t seem to figure out why Crocs went from being unarguably ugly to now kind of trendy, it appears that the younger generations are the ones causing the change. If you’re going to take a walk on the Croc side, you should be strategizing about when to wear them. Obviously, Crocs are not going to go with every outfit. Look to people whose style you admire who also wear Crocs—like our boy Bad Bunny—for ideas on how to make them work. Or just skip this trend altogether. We won’t tell anyone. 

4. Baggy Sweaters

Rockin’ a baggy sweater is a perfect look for this season because it’s comfortable but can be dressed up with a few gold chains and a nice pair of pants or jeans. Pay homage to one of the greatest hip hop stars of all time by bringing back Biggie Smalls’ all-time favorite—the Coogi sweaters. Oversized and brightly colored, this brand of sweaters was a staple in Biggie’s wardrobes. Channel your inner Biggie swag and start stepping out in dope sweaters this year. 

Flashy Accessories

5. Flashy Accessories

In the last couple years, flashy accessories are all the rage, whether big earrings and statement necklaces for women, iced-out Rolex watches and gold chains for men, or anything in between. In the colder months, this is a good way to stand out. 

You’re probably layered up with jackets or chillin’ in your casual oversized sweater because of the temp, so integrating an eye-catching accessory will elevate your outfit, making it more chic and noticeable. Try experimenting with all types of accessories; just listen to that little voice in your head that pulls you toward a style you identify with.

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Woman with bright blue hair

6. Bright Hair Colors

It’s safe to say that we collectively experienced a level of boredom during quarantine that we’ve never reached before, which appears to have led more people than ever to experiment with color—on their heads. And, we’re expecting this trend to stick for a while—hair dye doesn’t go away overnight, surprise, surprise. 

Hip hop stars from Wiz Khalifa to Lil Uzi Vert have experimented with their hair color over the years as a fashion statement. If you’ve never thought about hair dye, now might be the perfect time. With fewer places to go, it’s the right opportunity to do something wild and see how it turns out. If it’s dope, rock the look to your next virtual party. If not, you have plenty of time to cover it up with a normal color.

Reasons to Get Dressed Up

Virtual Party

Virtual Party

As major cities across the country begin re-implementing some lockdown restrictions on social gatherings and dine-in restaurants, it’s important for us as individuals to also take precautions. Covid cases have been rising, and many believe that we’ll see an even greater uptick over the holidays as people continue to travel. 

If you’re going to travel, take every precaution that you can, and consider hosting a virtual party over a real one. This is a good way to keep yourself socially distant, especially prior to visiting any high-risk relative over the holidays, and still be social. Plan a virtual party with your friends and put on your flyest new accessories to show off to the homies.

Small Family Holiday Gathering

Although experts are warning people to be extremely cautious and avoid traveling if possible this season, people naturally want to see their loved ones around the holidays. If you are planning to visit friends or relatives, try to keep the gathering small to limit exposure. And, be sure to break out some of your best 2020 looks—gold chains and all. It may be tempting to skip the nice clothes and enjoy the holiday in your PJs if you’re just chillin’ with your close fam this year, but it’s always good to have a reason to dress up. It can improve your mood and help to get you in the holiday spirit.

Date Night

Whether you’re going on a real, in-person date or a virtual date with your significant other, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your sense of style. Depending on what type of date you’re planning, there are a number of great looks you can try out. 

If you’re headed to a fancy restaurant together, go for something a little more chic—maybe a classy velvet jacket for an unusual twist on a classic style paired with more subtle gold chains without the pendants. A sleek Rolex watch is always a sign of luxury—and, if it’s iced-out, even better. For a more laid-back kind of date, go with a clean streetwear look: a crisp tee, jeans, nice shoes, an outer layer, and accessories. Keep this look in mind even if you have to have a virtual date night. Maybe you can even show off your perfectly picked wardrobe to each other.

Family Zoom Party

One way that families have continued to stay in touch through the pandemic is by using video chat services like Zoom, Google Meets, FaceTime, and more. If you, like so many other families, have opted to stay home for the holidays this year, or you’re cutting down the guest list to keep people safe, you should plan a time when the family can get together, at least virtually, and share the love. 

For a family event, it might be best to save your most outrageous looks for another time. Instead, go with something classy and traditional, but still let that individuality shine through.

Benefits of Getting Dressed Up

Improve your mood

Improves Mood

We all love the rare times when we get to stay in our pajamas all day, but having the freedom to do that too often can cause serious issues with our mood and even lead to anxiety and depression. We’re not alone. Many people experienced feelings like this during the months of lockdown and, although there wasn’t much to do in terms of socializing in public, there are steps you can take to feel like yourself again. Dressing up is one of them. Putting on something that makes you look and feel good has been shown to boost your mood and give you an overall better outlook on the day.

Increases Productivity

For anyone who has been working from home during the pandemic, dressing up in the morning can increase your productivity. Most of us were definitely amped up that we could ditch the office attire from sweats and stained t-shirts, but, after a while, wearing your pajamas all day, every day gets old. 

You don’t have to change into suits or business wear when working from home, but you should make an effort to get up and get dressed into something different that is comfortable but which also motivates you. When we wear certain clothes, it’s almost as though we’re playing a character and this is our costume. Putting on the “costume” helps us get into character—in this case, the character is a worker—which, in turn, boosts productivity.

Helps Stick to a Routine

Humans love routines. We like to know when to expect what to happen and how it will impact our day. Having a routine also helps us to feel productive, which increases self-confidence and our sense of accomplishment. If you can make getting dressed for the day a part of your routine, you’ll more than likely notice yourself feeling more focused, awake, level-headed, and, once again, productive. 

Stylish man in car

Dress for Success, My Dude

Although we may still be working our way through a pandemic, we humans crave socialization. Right now, we still have the opportunity to enjoy some aspects of social gatherings, but cases are rising, so take precautions before attending certain events. Then, try rockin’ a few of our favorite 2020 styles for a new look whether you’re feeling bold and want to try out a bright hair color or you’re going more subtle by switching out a plain sweater for a colorful, patterned option. 

But, never forget your most important accessory—your chains. Gold Urban can keep you looking stylish af all season long, whether you want traditional Miami Cuban link chains or you’re a big baller ready to buy that grill or invest in custom gold chains. Browse our collection and see what fits into your wardrobe.

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