Gold Urban has been the leading source of custom hip hop jewelry on the East Coast for the past 30 years. From our humble start as a men’s jewelry store to one of the leading sources for 14k gold-plated chains and gold cross pendants, we’ve served a variety of customers from urban fashion fans to A-list rappers and athletes who want the best Italian gold plated jewelry sets to complement their style. Diamond-encrusted jewelry designed in the hottest styles show off our commitment to making sure that every customer looks and feels good in every single piece of ours. Our level of integrity in providing top-notch 18k gold chains for men is what has built our unparalleled reputation in the urban jewelry game.


We at Gold Urban have always prided ourselves on being a jewelry retailer that adheres to an ethically-sound lifetime warranty that forged a trusting relationship between us and our customers. Thanks to our decades of jewelry knowledge, our clients have never had to ask how long does gold plated jewelry last or is gold plated jewelry fake. In addition, we are dedicated to providing jewelry lovers with a web shopping experience that combines fair pricing and value with quality pieces such as our thick gold rope chain that won’t ever have them wondering whether their gold plated jewelry will tarnish.


As one of the largest jewelry retailers in the East Coast, our mission is to offer you:

-Exceptional customer service with every purchase.

-Knowledgeable advice about buying our hip hop jewelry.

-Superior value in terms of price, quality, and selection for guaranteed satisfaction.

-A lifetime warranty for hip-hop jewelry that will stand the test of time.