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The world of jewelry can spill over into many other industries, from fashion to design to art and music, which is why so many jewelers decide to spruce up their collections by collaborating with other experts in different fields. These jewelry collabs often spawn some truly one-of-a-kind pieces, from flashy hip hop chains to men’s diamond rings that can be considered works of art. 

Though many of these collaborative collections come with a high price tag, it’s fun to see what happens when two different creatives create one thing together, and they may even give us inspiration for our own accessorization. 

1. PlayStation and King Ice

Okay, this is a jewelry collab that we can definitely get behind. PlayStation, one of the most popular gaming systems in the entire world, recognized the need for some noteworthy new merchandise, so its parent company Sony reached out to King Ice, a popular jeweler based in Los Angeles. Together, PlayStation and King Ice wanted to merge the worlds of gaming and hip hop jewelry

For anyone who loves men's gold chains, this line is unique with pendants in the shape of a console controller and the PS logo. Gold bracelets and rings also feature the four recognizable controller symbols etched out in different-colored diamonds and gemstones.

King Ice has been pushing the boundaries of hip hop jewelry since launching his brand in 2007. Over the years, he’s made many custom pieces and collaborated with big names, including Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, and the Notorious B.I.G., making him a hugely popular figure in the world of hip hop jewelry. 

2. Designer Paige Novick and Atelier Swarovski 

An offshoot of the Swarovski company, Atelier Swarovski was created to encourage collaborations between the jewelry company and other designers, artists, and celebrities. These unique mash-ups are intended to expand the Swarovski collection and present wearers with designs that don't necessarily fit the mold. 

Since the early 20th century, Atelier Swarovski has been creating this partnership, but one of the latest collaborations was done with jewelry designer Paige Novick, who has created an empire for herself between her jewelry creations, her beauty and fragrance products, and her self-named company.

Together, Novick and Atelier Swarovski debuted a collection of jewelry featuring nearly three dozen different pieces that incorporate a rainbow of topaz, diamonds created in the Swarovski lab, and 18K fair-trade gold. Many of the pieces use thin, flowing lines to create a feeling of elegance and beauty. 

3. Jeweler Margot McKinney and Fashion Designer CD Greene

One of the most intriguing examples of a jewelry collaboration, this project literally infuses fashion and jewelry into one. CD Greene designed a beautiful lilac-colored gown made from silk, and jeweler Margot McKinney stepped it up a notch by hand-embroidering an aggregation of Australian keshi pearls. 

If you’re never heard of these types of pearls before, it makes sense because they are extremely rare and valuable. Many have called this dress “the world’s rarest evening gown” because of the inclusion of the pearls and the overall design of the dress, which was sold for a whopping $625,000.

4. Virgil Abloh and Jacob the Jeweler

The Director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection and a hotshot jeweler whose regular clients include a laundry list of celebrities walk into a bar—and this collab is born. Okay, so they didn’t actually come up with this idea at the bar, but Louis Vuitton’s Abloh and Jacob the Jeweler did really collaborate on a very exclusive and almost experimental project together. 

The main pieces in this line were diamond encrusted paper clips that doubled as earrings or other jewelry accessories. Seems unusual? We thought so, too. But Abloh explained that this line of jewelry was intended to work as pieces of art rather than fashion statements. In fact, this collection wasn’t even made available to the general public. Anyone interested in purchasing a piece had to fill out a questionnaire and be approved before they could get their hands on one of these masterpieces.

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5. Dover Street Market and Tiffany & Co.

Dover Street Market gave Tiffany & Co. a gritty makeover when this high-fashion retailer teamed up with one of the most respected jewelry companies in the world. The Fall/Winter 2019 line of jewelry was actually the two companies’ second time partnering up, this time creating several pieces geared more toward men. 

Though Tiffany & Co.’s usual line tends to include men’s accessories like cufflinks, watches, bracelets, and necklaces, most people associate the brand with their more feminine pieces. The collab between Dover Street Market and Tiffany added eight new, masculine jewelry offerings, including two thick silver rings with signets displaying NYC or LA for Dover Street Market’s two major outlets.

6. Pyrrha and Paul Smith

Canadian silver-making company Pyrrha and British fashion designer Paul Smith put their respective creative minds together when they decided to release this collaborative jewelry line. Although Paul Smith’s brand is known for quirky or slightly offbeat clothing, this jewelry line is a bit more subtle, using beautiful, high-quality silver to create a five-piece line of rings and pendants. Each piece is a testament to the designer’s brand, with imagery like the Paul Smith crest, a rabbit, or the motto “Never Assume.”

7. Emily Oberg and Stone and Strand

As the founder of the brand Sporty & Rich, Emily Oberg tries to blend high fashion with sportswear, allowing fashionistas to show off their true sense of style. So, when she decided to team up with jewelry brand Stone and Strand, the goal was the same—create kickass jewelry with a sporty side. These everyday pieces are on the daintier side, and they feature earrings, rings, and necklaces. Called “The Numbers Game,” each piece in the capsule is made from 10K gold and features different numbers of the buyer’s choosing.

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Step Up Your Jewelry Game

These collaborations have pushed the boundaries of what jewelry design is about, making way for new trends and designs in the future. Although the price tag may be too high for a lot of us, you can still use these unique ideas to influence your own style every time you put on a gold chain or look at an unusual pair of earrings. Find something you like and let your style shine through.

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