Tennis chains are the new must-haves, stepping up to give classic gold links like Cuban and curb a run for their money in amping up your style. Peel back the layers of the tennis chain's storied past to see how it can slickly slide into your daily look with understated elegance.

Unveiling the Tennis Chain:

A iced out chains is intricately adorned with individually linked diamonds, forming an uninterrupted chain. Typically fashioned from 14K or 18K yellow or white gold, these chains boast diamonds with a uniform cut, such as cushion, princess, radiant, or round, accentuating their symmetrical shape and multiple facets.

The intricate craftsmanship of tennis chains makes them a flashy choice for women's evening wear or men in music and sports who want to show off.

Tracing the Tennis Chain's Roots:

Prior to the 1980s, the tennis chain was commonly known as an eternity chain due to its continuous loop of diamonds. In the 1970s, eternity bracelets took center stage as the accessory of choice for country club women both on the tennis court and at disco parties.

However, it wasn't until the late '80s that the term "tennis chain" gained widespread usage. This nomenclature shift occurred during the 1987 U.S. Open when tennis legend Chris Evert, a winner of 18 Grand Slam titles, paused a match to search for her eternity bracelet, which had come loose during a powerful swing. From that moment, the eternity chain became universally known as the tennis chain, quickly rising in popularity as both a bracelet and necklace.

Styling Your Tennis Chain:

An 18K or 14K iced out chain is an incredibly versatile piece that can complement any outfit when styled appropriately. By trying out different stylings with your glitzy tennis necklace, you can stay up to date on the latest fashions.

1. Keep it Simple for Streetwear:

Embrace the bold essence of streetwear by allowing your tennis chain to make a statement on its own. Opt for a mid-length 20-22" tennis chain worn over a crew neck tee, paired with a silk bomber jacket or luxe hoodie and jogger set for a refined streetwear aesthetic.

2. Get the Layered Pendant Look:

Elevate your tennis chains iced out by embracing the layered pendant trend. Layer your tennis necklace with varying lengths of chains to enhance the sparkle without stealing the spotlight from those shimmering diamonds.

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3. Pair it with a Stylish Bracelet:

Accentuate your diamond-encrusted tennis necklace by pairing it with a stylish bracelet. Choose a chunkier 10.5mm wide Figaro chain for a bold look or a more subtle 3.5mm thickness for a classy touch.

4. Wear a High Neckline:

Highlight your tennis necklace by opting for a high-cut collared shirt, allowing the chain to stand out boldly against the neckline. Pairing a high-cut collared shirt with your tennis necklace creates a sharp contrast, making the diamonds' sparkle even more eye-catching against the dark fabric.

5. Add Matching Earrings:

Draw attention upward to your neck, jawline, and smile by complementing your tennis necklace with matching earrings. Whether in white or yellow gold studs, a simple circular or square design enhances the overall blinged-out style.

A tennis chain is that stylish piece you can rock, no matter who you are, adding a touch of class to any outfit. Whether you're heading to a club for a night out or meeting friends for a casual lunch downtown, there are numerous ways to flaunt your tennis chain while staying on-trend. With over three decades of experience, Gold urban offers a wide selection of high-quality diamond tennis chains to infuse instant swagger into your wardrobe. Dive into our assortment and pick out a tennis chain that screams 'you'.

December 20, 2023 — Power Tools
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