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Your style is a reflection of your unique personality, and most fans of urban streetwear know exactly how to show off their boss and their baller sides at the same damn time. But, with the right gold chains, you can have your accessories looking just as fly as your everyday outfits.

Anyone with a hip hop jewelry collection already has an appreciation for dope chains, but you have to know the different ways your chains can be styled to truly bring out the most in your outfit. Learn more about how to have your gold chains looking just right and which styles suit your needs best.

How to Style Your Gold Chains

Match Your Metals

The most important rule of wearing jewelry is that you can never mis-match the types and colors of metal that you’re wearing at one time. For example, you cannot throw on a large yellow gold chain as a necklace and pair it with an iced-out white gold bracelet. It looks tacky and desperate because it seems as though you’re just throwing on any kind of jewelry you have, to try and floss on people without actually considering the whole look.

Although this rule has become less serious for some, when it comes to thick, noticeable gold chains, we still tend to follow the matching metals guideline because these pieces are so flashy as it is, it’s tough to disguise the fact that you’re wearing totally mismatched pieces.

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Layer Your Chains

Most people who love hip hop jewelry have an extensive collection filled with different styles, lengths, and designs of gold chains, but how are they all supposed to be used if you only stick to wearing one at a time? Many rappers, hip hop stars, and professional athletes will show off expensive selection of chains by wearing multiple necklaces at once.

The key to pulling off this look is selecting the chains that look good together. You’ll want to select a variety of different-length chains in order to truly display each one’s unique design. We recommend only selecting one or two chains that have pendants. If you opt to wear two, be sure that they are different enough in length that you can clearly see both.

Add a Pendant

If you’re only ever rockin’ the solo chain look, it’s definitely time to switch it up and add some more bling to your wardrobe. Try adding a gold pendant or even an iced-out pendant to your favorite chain. Be sure to wear a chain that is thick enough to support the weight of the pendant, as some can be pretty heavy. Iced-out pendants are designed to be covered in diamonds, boosting your credibility as a true baller. These pendants can add a little something-something to your outfit the next time you hit the club with the homies.

Our Favorite Gold Chain Styles for Men

Franco Chain

One of the most classic-looking hip hop jewelry styles, the Franco chain is a great starter necklace because it pairs well with everything and can be worn to the office or to a party. The links on this style are woven more tightly together to give the necklace a cohesive look. The Franco chain can easily be worn solo or with a pendant, but this style is the perfect addition to a layered chain look.

Cuban Link Chain

A traditional old-school-style chain, the Cuban Link chain style is chunky with big, thick links connecting the necklace. We tend to recommend wearing this style without a pendant, as the flashiness of the chain itself is enough to capture anyone’s attention. But, you could certainly find a thinner chain and add your favorite pendant to complete the look.

Rope Chain with Pendant

The rope chain is a unique style of thin links that are twisted around each other to create a rope-like look. Although this style is certainly worn solo, we prefer to add a pendant to the rope chain, as it’s heavy and thick enough to support the weight of a large pendant.

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Let Gold Urban Help You Floss on All Your Homies

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