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Even if you already have an extensive collection of hip hop jewelry at home, there’s always a new style chain, pendant, watch, or ring that’s calling your name. If you’re looking to add a truly dope piece to your wardrobe, you need to invest in an iced-out pendant. 

Every homie on the block knows the importance of owning several plain gold chains that can be worn with everything, but an iced-out pendant takes your style to the next level. The diamonds encrusted into the design have you looking like the boss that you are. If you’re thinking about purchasing an iced-out pendant, check out some of our favorites in the Gold Urban collection.

Understanding Karats vs. Carats

Whenever you’re looking to purchase an expensive piece of jewelry, you want to make sure that you’re doing the proper research. During your hunt for the perfect gold chain, you’ve probably come across the words “karat” and “carat.” No, it’s not just a typo—though these words may sound the same, they actually refer to two very different aspects of jewelry. Karats are used to describe the level of gold purity in a piece of jewelry while carats refer to a diamond’s weight.

For hip hop jewelry fans, both of these measurements are important. You want to ensure that your gold chains are real and the proper purity for your needs. Most gold chains will be either 10K or 14K, which means that out of a total of 24 parts, either 10 or 14 are solid gold. Unfortunately, all gold jewelry must be mixed with metal alloys because pure gold is far too malleable to be used alone. The jewelry would very quickly become damaged and lose its shape. The higher the number of karats, the more gold is present in the jewelry.


When you’re shopping for iced-out pendants, you’ll want to pay attention to the carat number as well. This measurement is describing the weight of the diamonds, which, in turn, also describes how large the diamond is. Typically, with jewelry, people seek out larger diamonds, as they cost more and look flashier. When it comes to iced-out jewelry, though, sometimes the slightly smaller diamonds look better because more need to be used, giving the necklace additional gems for the light to catch and sparkle off of. 

Our Favorite Iced-Out Pendants

The Jesus Piece

One of the staple designs for an iced-out pendant, the Jesus piece is crafted in the shape of Jesus as a testament to your faith and your dope style. Jesus pieces are no new trend, making their way on the scene when Biggie Smalls first popularized the style in the 90s. Smalls is said to have spent more than $10,000 on a number of Jesus pieces designed by Tito Caicedo, a famous jeweler known for his work with hip hop stars from the decade.

The signature aspect of the Jesus piece, aside from Jesus’s face, is the number of diamonds that decorate it, particularly around the crown area. This kind of iced-out pendant can be worn with any gold chain strong enough to support it, but it’s often paired with a thick rope chain.

Religious Relics

If you’re not interested in a Jesus piece, or you already own several, but you still want an iced-out pendant that relates to your beliefs or faith, you can browse some of the many other religious designs. You can choose from traditional gold cross pendants decked out in gems to more unusual cross designs. If you’re interested in Egyptian culture, try rockin’ the Egyptian ankh symbol or a depiction of a pharaoh. Angels and praying hands are another great option for a religious chain.

 Mens Gold Franco Chain & Marihuana Leaf Pendant

Mens Gold Franco Chain & Marihuana Leaf Pendant

Fun, Pop Culture Shapes and Designs

For a fun, different kind of iced-out pendant, your options are nearly endless. We’ve got every kind of design you can imagine, from bold emoji expressions like the winking face to boss styles like money rolls. Let your personality shine through with an iced-out marijuana leaf pendant or a diamond-encrusted plug pendant. Just be sure that you have the right type of chain to match your flossy new pendant.

Gold Urban Knows Dope Jewelry

The next time you’re in the market for your newest piece of hip hop jewelry, check out Gold Urban’s extensive collection of gold chains and iced-out pendants. Each of our pieces has been handcrafted by our jewelers from the highest quality materials. The designs are made to fit your lifestyle and wardrobe, reflecting the latest styles and trends. Plus, each piece is topped with a high-quality finish that will keep your jewels looking their flossiest for years to come.



February 03, 2020 — Collaborator