Any true hip hop jewelry lover knows that it’s all about changing up your style from time to time. Rocking the same gold chain every time you step out will lessen the impact of your blinging-out accessories and blow up your spot that you only own one dope chain. True ballers need a variety of gold chains to floss on all their homies. Once you’ve racked up a solid collection of iced-out chains and traditional gold chains, you can really flex when you pull out the layered chain look. This is the perfect time to show off all your different chains and look like the boss that you are.

Mixing Metal Tones

Although we usually like to suggest wearing the same color metal for all of your accessories, if you layer the right kinds of chains, you can mix a combination of traditional yellow gold and white gold into your look. For our homies who decide to use multiple types of metal in their layered look, you should incorporate a few gold chains of each metal. Having all yellow gold chains and one white gold chain may look mismatched or tacky. Try to create a pattern, like one short gold chain followed by two longer white gold chains and another single yellow gold.

If you’re going to wear other jewelry with your gold chains, pick one metal for your bracelet, watch, and rings. Adding too many different metal tones into the look can cheapen the overall effect.

Adding Gold Chains with Pendants

When wearing a layered gold chain look, adding one or two chains with pendants can break up the necklaces and help each one to stand out. We recommend wearing no more than two gold chains with pendants if you want people to be able to see the pendants themselves. You should also use chains of varying lengths to help the pendants stand out. Stacking iced-out pendants on top of each other will prevent everybody from seeing your dope bling, and they could potentially scratch if they’re constantly rubbing up against each other.

When choosing a gold chain and matching pendant, you should consider the thickness of the chain and the purity. Most gold chains will be offered in 12K or 14K, which means that chain is 12 parts or 14 parts real gold. Pure gold can’t be used to create jewelry because it’s too malleable without the added metal alloys to balance it out.

Incorporate Iced-Out Jewelry

The dopest way to mix up your layered gold chain look is by adding an iced-out gold chain. If you want to really catch everybody’s eye when you step out on the street, you can layer only iced-out chains for a completely blinged-out look. But, adding even just one or two iced-out chains will give your layered chains a deliberate look and pattern that stands out against your outfit. We recommend pairing iced-out chains with a solid-color shirt to avoid distracting from the dope gems you’re rocking around your neck.

gold thick necklace

Mix Up the Chain Thickness

The best way to help your layered look stand out from your homies’ is by thinking about the style and thickness of your gold chains. You should try to mix in a variety of thin chains with pendants and thicker solo chains. Style your chains in whatever pattern you like, but we usually like to wear a thicker, shorter chain and one longer thick chain mixed with thin chains. When it comes to picking your gold chain style, select what best suits your personality. The Cuban Miami link chain is a classic choice, while the rope chain style is a great chain for adding a pendant.

Add Other Accessories

If the layered look doesn’t meet your most baller expectations, you can add some extra accessories to your outfit. Iced-out bracelets are always the perfect complement, especially if you’re already rocking a few iced-out chains around your neck. For a more subtle additional accessory, you can add a dope bracelet or a few simple blinged-out rings.

man with gold necklaces

Layer It Up with Gold Chains from Gold Urban

If you’re in need of some dope new chains to try out this layered look, Gold Urban has got your back. Our collection of men’s gold chain necklaces and iced-out chains has the perfect style for every type of baller. You can don this look when you’re kicking it with the homies or headed to the club for the night. Each of our pieces is handcrafted with high-quality materials and a top-notch finish to keep your hip hop jewelry looking brand new for years to come.

    March 06, 2020 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator