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Everybody loves shopping online these days because it’s much easier and more convenient to browse through products while relaxing in your own home. But, when it comes to certain types of products, online shopping can be a bit trickier because you might need to try the items on or see them in person to ensure that they are going to fit or look good.

For many hip hop jewelry ballers, online shopping is a great option because you can find unique pieces at affordable prices, but you want to guarantee that you’re getting the real deal. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing gold chains online.

Do Your Research Before Buying

Before you even think about whipping out your dough for a dope new chain, you better understand all the different elements of jewelry to truly understand what you’re investing in. Most people realize that the words “karat” and “carat” have something to do with jewelry, but many don’t realize the difference.

Karats refer to the purity of the gold used to make a gold chain. A 100 percent pure piece of gold jewelry would be 24K—all 24 parts are made from real gold. Most men’s chains will be 14K, meaning that 14 out of 24 parts of the jewelry are made from real gold. The rest of the necklace is combined with metal alloys to prevent the real gold from becoming scratched or misshapen.

Carats, on the other hand, refer to the weight of a diamond or other precious and semiprecious gems. If you’re looking to buy iced-out gold chains, this is where you need to pay attention. One carat is equal to about 0.2 grams, so, if you’re thinking about purchasing an iced-out gold chain blinged-out with diamonds that are five carats, each gem would weigh one gram.

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Seek Out User Reviews

When it comes to purchasing from an online retailer, you want to be careful that you’re using a reputable outlet. It’s easy to fall for the facade of a scam company selling cheap or fake products. These types of companies can make their products look great on their website but send completely different products to their customers. Reading the reviews on the company’s website may not even be helpful as the business owner may have written an assortment of good reviews to be posted on the site.

Instead, seek out reviews from third-party sites. Reading about other experiences with the company will give you some insight into what to expect from the business. Of course, not every business is going to have all five-star reviews, but you should look for a company that has mostly good reviews and satisfied customers.

Learn About the Return Policies

Before purchasing your gold chains from an online retailer, you should definitely do some digging into their return and exchange policies. If there is no information on returns and exchanges anywhere on the site, you should absolutely be wary of ordering from this company.

When an option for returns is not offered, this usually signifies that the business is assuming that you’re going to want to return their products (likely because they are cheap or not the product originally advertised), and they do not want to provide the option to get your money back. We recommend not purchasing from any site without a clear return policy and an easy way to get in touch with their customer support team.

Inquiry About Warranties

Most jewelry providers will offer some type of warranty on their products in the case of damage or defects. Sometimes the warranty is offered by the product manufacturers while other times it is the jewelry vendor itself that offers a warranty.

Gold Urban has a lifetime warranty for its products, which would provide a one-time jewelry replacement for any items that break, lose their luster, or become damaged, though it does not apply to any items that have been lost or stolen. Purchasing from a company that offers some type of warranty is a smart idea because it guarantees that you will receive a replacement item should something happen to your jewelry, and it demonstrates a certain level of company confidence in the quality of their products.

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Gold Urban: The Best Place to Buy Gold Chains Online

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