When it comes to the Ice we got the bling that will make you froze. They look nice around your neck.

Bling is the slang we use to describe showy jewelry that is sometimes expensive, but mostly it is just full of “Ice,” diamonds, shiny gold.

Whether you want to impress your girl, or your team or simply get your swagger up, A nice gold chain will always add all that and more. Bling has been on trend for decades, specially when it comes to hip hop/ urban fashion. The bigger the bling the more it will catch the eye and attention.

The bling you chose, is more than just a purchase. It is a visual representation of you. What you like, what you wish the world to see you as. Making a fashion statement that says, this is me, this is what I like, this is what I stand for. There are so many Iced chains to select from that we know it can sometimes become overwhelming. There was a time when it was only the like of stars or wealthy rich men, were able to afford these luxurious chains, but time has evolved and made it so that there are different price ranges, and options that make them that much accessible to all kinds of backgrounds and price ranges. We can all be stylish, and blind an eye or two with some ice bling.

Bling Bling comes in many different forms, depending on what you're trying to achieve. From your earrings, to watches, to the pendants and bracelets to even some ice in your mouth with grillz everything can not be blinged out.

When we talk about blinged out chains there are many options, and different cuts from Rope, Cuban, Box, Franco styes. You can check us out to see the huge variety we offer. But to simply show you a few, we have compiled a list featuring a few of our exclusive blings chains that will catch the eye of everyone around you.

1.The Iced Out Solid Franco:

A hip hop jewelry staple, the Franco Chain is super versatile and durable. With an exquisite design that would compliment any outfit. Our Iced out Franco is a 14k Solid Gold plated chain, available in 8mm and in your choice of 20, 24 to 30” in length. Featuring a stunning lobster style clasp with beautifully set cz stones which adds to the bling bling nature of this one of a kind piece.


2. Iced out Gucci:

What we would refer to as a statement piece. Our 14K Gold Iced Gucci chain definitely makes a bold statement.  Our Gucci chain comes in 10mm or 24mm. So you can go big or go home when it comes to this bling bling! This one definitely stands out for its big “puffy,” style links. It’s clasp is a “box-”like style, but in the same shape as the unique Gucci Puff link. 

Go all out for it, like Kanye, with a big bold puffy Gucci chain style.


3.The Hermes Link:

A unique piece of jewelry that is the epitome of style. Our 14K Gold plated Hermes link chain is available in an 8mm and customizable length. It’s unique cut is in a highly growing popular demand. The link pattern is unique to its brand. You are sure to attract tons of views from miles away rocking this amazing sparkling, blinged out chain. It's a show stopping piece that will not disappoint. You can pair it up with its matching bracelet for an out of this world stunning look.




Today’s culture is highly influenced by hip hop, and the styling have become very common. Jewelry is a symbol of status and prestige and everyone wants to get their bling bling baby. We hope that you can favorite some of our top picks featured in this article. 

Most of our most beloved rappers are prone to wearing big huge showy chains. Rappers have been known to drop top dollars when it comes to their bling bling. Here at Gold Urban, you can simply splurge all you want, and look like a top dollar high roller for a fraction of the cost. Let us know how we can ice you out, without hurting your bank account. Contact us to blig bling your life.

August 21, 2019 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator