Bracelets are now a very masculine accessory, that may we dare say, it’s a must that every modern man should own. It’s like arm candy for men. We have so many great styles of bracelet, that can be mixed and matched with any chain or go without. Bracelets can even be worn stacked up and some may even wear them as Fabolous the rapper, as an ankle bracelet. Some bracelets can even be worn with a watch, depending on the style. That might not be your thing, but we are just saying, with such a vast variety available in the men bracelet designs, anything is possible.

When choosing a bracelet, simply think of your overall signature style. What do you want to portray? It all depends on what you will be wearing and what story you want to tell about yourself. What you wear and how you wear it, is very important. Wearing a bracelet with a sharp suit for example, automatically gives off an upscale sophisticated feel. 

One of our most popular bracelets, and within reason is the Presidential Band bracelet. Sometimes known as “The Rolex” bracelet. The epitome of class and style, witht’s sleek design and watch like band style, this bracelet stands out on it’s own. 

The Presidential Band Bracelet measures 18mm in width and it is 8 inches in length, weighing an approximate of 90 grams. It is the perfect bracelet to wear to any event, classic or sporty. This style can be dressed up or down depending on your style or mood. If you like to spice it up, or get a little more fancy and flashy, the Presidential band is also available in an all Iced Out cut. 

Our Iced Out Presidential Band Bracelet comes in a 21mm width measures 8 inches in length. The bracelet weighs 105 grams which gives you a nice and heavy feel. This bracelet is perfect to show off your sense of fashion, and style. It looks super dope dressed up or down. You can pair it up with our Presidential pinky ring for an over the top fly look.

Our Presidential pinky ring is effortlessly fly and matches perfectly with the Iced Out band. This pinky ring weighs 24.8 grams and is 0.9 Inches Wide. It comes in sizes from 7 up to size 12 so that you can select the best size needed.



We personally love the look of this band, whether it is iced out or the original solid style stacked up, alone or with a nice pinky ring. It is versatile and more than just a trendy piece. It is that solid timeless piece that can be worn in more than one occasion and surpass fads and trends. With our economical prices, it is easy to own 1 or more of these ageless pieces that will certainly be around for many years to come. Contact our stylist at GoldUrban if you want to talk about this or any of our luxurious items.



August 29, 2019 — Collaborator