Every true player knows the importance of wearing the right type of jewelry and accessories to demonstrate your unique style and status. Gold chains can add a lot to your everyday look, especially when mixed and matched with gold bracelets and dope rings.

golden teeth grillz isolated

However, one of the ultimate signs of a true hip hop jewelry fan is purchasing and sporting a sick grill. This is one of the most touted looks in hip hop because grillz are expensive and often custom made. With a grill, you can take your jewelry game to the next level by turning your teeth into a fashion statement. If you’re in the market for a new gold grill, check out some of our favorite styles.

What Are Gold Grillz?

Grillz are a one-of-a-kind type of jewelry because they are designed to be worn over your teeth, turning your mouth into a flashy accessory. Few other types of jewelry are intended to be worn in this way. Although we tend to think of grillz as a relatively new trend in the world of hip hop, this type of fashion accessory has actually been around for thousands of years. It is a common theory that grillz were worn by ancient Egyptians, but there is little to no evidence of this.

Instead, the Etruscans, who were living in Italy at the time, have been credited with creating and wearing items similar to grillz. In fact, Vice reports that some high-ranking women would purposely remove their teeth in order to replace them with gold jewelry pieces instead. Over time, other cultures would adopt the practice of displaying expensive gems and metals in their mouth as a form of jewelry.

placing golden grillz over teeth

How Did Grillz Become Popularized in Modern Culture?

Although we know that grillz, in some sense, have existed well before modern times, how exactly did this type of jewelry find its way into hip hop culture? Many people credit the rapper Nelly with popularizing gold grillz after his 2005 hit song “Grillz.”

In the music video, Johnny Dang makes a cameo appearance demonstrating that Nelly may have brought the idea of gold grillz to the masses, but many hip hop stars were already displaying their dope pieces. Johnny Dang was a hugely successful jewelry maker at the time who specialized in grillz. He was known to make up to 400 pieces per day, each starting no lower than $500. While Dang often made other types of jewelry like watches and pendants, he became best known for his grillz, creating pieces for other stars like Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Our Favorite Types of Gold Grillz

Standard Gold Grillz

Grillz are such a unique piece of jewelry because they are so easy to customize; but, if you’re looking for just a traditional gold grill, our standard selection is best. These pieces simply cover your teeth in a smooth gold design. You can opt for a style that covers the entire area of your teeth or one that outlines your teeth, giving your grill a bit more of a subtle look.

If you’re not interested in an iced-out grill, but you want your piece to have a bit more flair, you’ll discover traditional gold grillz with slightly different designs. Some of our more unusual pieces are shaped like flames or have dollar signs stamped onto them.

Iced-Out Gold Grillz

Add a little more bling to your everyday streetwear when you opt for an iced-out grill. The iced-out style is available in many of the same styles as the traditional gold grillz but with the addition of diamonds. This look is for the baller who wants to grab the attention of everybody in the room.

As Nelly said in his famous song “Grillz,” iced-out grillz will have your “mouth lookin’ something like a disco ball.” For a flashy but subtle look, you can select an iced-out grill with the diamonds outlining your teeth. If you want the flossiest style on the market, get yourself one of the solid gold grillz completely covered in diamonds. You can even add your favorite gold chain look to your grillz when you invest in a cuban-style grill available with and without diamonds.

man with grill on lower row of teeth

Gold Urban Has the Most Baller Gold Grillz Around

When it comes to finding the dopest gold grillz that will catch the eye of everybody you meet, Gold Urban has exactly what you need. With everything from iced-out grillz to Cuban-style grillz, we have the perfect selection for every kind of baller.

All of our products are made from the highest-quality materials and coated with a top-notch finish to guarantee that each of your jewelry pieces will last for years to come. Plus, at Gold Urban, we offer a lifetime warranty on products. So, what’re you waiting for? Shop the collection today!

December 27, 2019 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator