True hip hop jewelry fans know that a dope gold chain can take your urban street style to the next level, letting everybody know that you’re a real baller. But, if you don't know how to style your chains with your wardrobe, you might end up looking like a straight-up fool. You know you’ve got dope style, so make sure that everybody on the block knows it when you follow these fundamental rules to wearing your chains. It will help them stand out and give you that style that’s a little extra something.

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How to Pick the Right Chain

Maybe you already have an extensive collection of gold chains, but we believe that you can never have too many. Each gold chain is unique in its design and can be worn for different occasions.

If you’re looking for a new chain or just starting your hip hop jewelry collection, you may not know what to look for. Be sure to buy from a reputable retailer to ensure that you’re getting the best-quality products, and then look for a 14K gold chain or 10K gold chain. These are the most common gold purity levels for jewelry. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make pieces entirely out of gold. The metal is far too malleable and would become easily damaged, so other harder metals must be added to give the jewelry a definite shape.

As you are shopping for your new chain, consider whether you’d prefer traditional yellow gold or a sleek white gold chain. If you have a lot of one particular metal already, why not try switching it up and adding a new look to your collection? You should also decide if you’re looking for a plain chain or, for a really boss look, an iced-out piece encrusted with real diamonds for an extra bit of bling.

Tips to Help Your Gold Chain Stand Out

Wear Solid Colors

We always recommend wearing a solid-colored shirt, like a classic white tee, with some jeans and your favorite kicks to help your gold chains stand out. Loud-patterned shirts can distract people from the bling around your neck and may make it more difficult to notice. A white or black shirt always provides great contrast for yellow and white gold. If you’re rockin’ an iced-out gold chain, black can really bring out the sparkle of the diamonds.

In the winter, you’ll probably need to layer up, which means you’ll need to adjust your style to help those chains stand out. Throw on a hoodie with little to no design on the front and wear your chain outside of the hoodie. You can also rock a solid-colored shirt underneath a jacket and pull your chains to the outside of the jacket. Adding some other accessories like a matching bracelet or dope ring is another way to keep your style flossy even when you have to bundle up.

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Layer Your Chains

This is a really popular way to wear gold chains in the world of hip hop and professional athletes. Jewelry is expensive. The more jewelry you have, the more money you must have to spend on it. When you step out wearing a bunch of gold chains together, people will notice. Gold chains represent a certain level of status, sending the message that you’re successful and stylish.

But, if you’re going to rock the layered look, you need to know how. You should wear chains of different lengths so as not to stack too many chains on top of each other—this will make it harder for people to notice each individual chain. You should also use a combination of thinner styles like the Franco chain and thicker ones like the Cuban Link. If you’re wearing a pendant, make sure that only one or two of the chains have pendants.

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Invest in Matching Accessories

Gold necklaces are a great way to floss on everybody, but, if you want to take your style to the next level, you should purchase some matching accessories like bracelets. Rocking a matching chain and bracelet ties your whole outfit together. Dope, flashy rings or iced-out watches can also add an extra bit of flair to your wardrobe.

Gold Urban Has All Your Gold Chain Needs

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