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It’s not just a chain, or bracelet and watch that can draw attention and admiration. Believe it or not, some bling on your finger may just astonish the crowd as much too. A well manicured manly hand rocking a nice blinged out ring can leave many wondering who is that man? Show off your style in our of our luxurious rings. We picked out some of our newest bling in rings this week, to inspire you.

Believe it or not rings are accessories that go back to the viking warriors, Egyptian kings to today’s hottest rappers and flyest men. There’s different rings for different men, it’s all about your style preference and taste. We have picked out a few different ones and some ideas of how to wear and how to accessorize them. Pick a finger, pick a ring as easy as 1, 2, 3 as we will show you how.


The Ring Finger: The most common finger to wear a ring and typically a wedding ring is usually what is worn on this finger, most often on the left hand. Unless you’re a lefty then it may feel better on the right hand. The myth behind the the finger ring is that is where the unbroken vein or the “Vena Amoris,” resides. However this romantic myth is not true, all the veins in our hands are the same. 

A perfect ring to wear on this finder would be our Gold Plated Baguette ring. It has the right amount of shine and luster in a perfect cuban link cut. The CZ stones glitz are super attractive and elegant. The perfect amount of sparkle to a perfectly polished men hand. At 6.6 grams this ring is 0.42 inches wide and can be orders in your desired size. 


This ring can be worn alone as the glaze is attractive enough to stand out on its own. But we can recommend wearing a nice Solid Plated Cuban Link Chain along with this ring. Keep the chain classy, but still a bit flashy. After all a ring and a chain is never too much glow.



The Pinky Ring:  The Pinky ring is sometimes the first  choice for men to rock a ring. Mainly because the ring finger is most often associated with a wedding band, or religious and cultural associations. We can not deny that there is a certain allure that can be felt when a man wears a pinky ring. It’s captivating and sometimes can add such an air of major Godfather vibes. Another great reason to rock a Pinky ring is because this finger does not touch or interfere with our index/pointing finger which we must commonly use, making it more comfortable to wear a ring on your pinky finger.

 Just for fun, we have picked our Gold Money Ring as the go to Pinky ring of the week. This is definitely a blinged out ring. With CZ stones all around in the shape of the dollar sign $ this ring is one that will draw attention. The Pinky ring is the best finger to wear such a ring as it is isolated, so it will most definitely stand out.  At 11 grams, this ring is 0.8 inches wide and can be purchased in your desired size.


As with all accessories less sometimes is more, with this ring you can keep it simple or you can go all out with our Diamond Miami Cuban Chain for a look that’s Ice-cold blinged out of this world. Chances are with a Pinky Ring so flashy you want to be more flashy anyways.


The 2 Finger Ring :  Nothing says old school like the two finger ring style. Back in the days it was highly in fashion to rock your brass knuckle rings . Donning the four finger rings that sometimes included name plates. We bring to you our version of the updated fashion the Gold Prong cuban 2 finger Ring. Now this ring is super flashy and swaggy. It’s got that old school vibe but with the new school design. Frosty to death, this ring is stylish and mainstream. At 19 grams, with a 0.5 width can be sized to any selection. 


This ring can be perfectly paired with our Diamond 14K Gold Mens Prong Set Cuban Link Bracelet.  A perfect match that’s eye-catching and exuberant.

GoldUrban got the rings….

Look no further when looking for the finger bling. We got you covered when it comes to styling and profiling the flyest bling for your daily needs. Call us, chat or email and let us style you with the latest ice for the nicest price. 

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