The infamous favorite by most men, women, and even teens The Cuban chain is once again the spotlight of this article. One of our favorite chains and most perhaps one of the most versatile jewelry and we have the ultimate guide to getting your Cuban link. An iconic part of men’s fashion and hip hop culture.

The Cuban Link has been said to have gotten its name because of its popularity within the Miami Cubans, which is why it is also referred to as the Miami Cuban Link chain. However it is not just Miami residents who love these chains. The charm of the Miami Cuban Link chain can be seen in every major city and urban areas especially such as L.A and NY. This is “The Hip Hop Jewelry” which is a favorite among the hip hop stars and rappers, and also among the flashy urban street population. There is no doubt that it is not just a trend, Cuban link Chains are of a superior long lasting design and they are to stay.


Why we love the Cuban Link.

Chains have been popularized for over tens of thousands of years ago. Historically cited in ancient Egyptian cities. The allure of this accessories is timeless.The Cuban link simply stands out from the rest. Rocked and loved by most hip hop legends from the late 70’s to the early 80’s like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, to the most swaggy visionary artists of today likes of Jay Z, Dj Kahled, Drake just to name drop a few. Star athletes, rock icons, everyone seems to be loving on the Cuban Link Chains. 

The Cuban Link is also perfect for wearing alone or with a nice Gold Pendant. You can add a nice Jesus piece or crucifix for an extra major umph. The Cuban link is also perfect to pair with a bracelets, watches and rings. 

We love the Cuban Link chain because it is one of those pieces that you know is going to stick around, and turn heads every single time you wear it. It’s considered a top luxury accessory that showcases not just your status but your good sense of style. One of the allure of these chains is also that they are very durable, and it’s exclusive design adds to its overall charm. The Cuban link chain holds a strong masculine attraction. It is swagged approved by almost all fashionistas and big ballers. It is definitely a must have in your collection.Which is why we want to make sure we can help answer all questions you may have and help ease you on making your decision of How to purchase a Cuban Link.

Some super cool trivia for you, Jay Z is said to own one of the biggest Miami Cuban Link chains at 5 Kilo. Followed by Daddy Yankee’s 10 Kilo Miami Cuban Link. That’s literally some heavy baggage. But if that’s not your thing, we have all the 4-1-1 on the Cuban link chain to help you choose the right size and style for you.


What is a Cuban Link?

The Miami Cuban Link Chain has an interlocking pattern that makes the chain thicker and attractive. It’s sturdy single links of the same pattern commonly use the diamond cut pattern. These chains are linked together by thick circular or oval-shaped gold pieces that interlock to create a unique finished look. Thus creating a look that feels more masculine which is why it’s favorite and most popular amongst men.


What Type of Cuban Link should I buy?

When deciding which type of Cuban link chain to get the most popular options are:

The Miami Cuban Link is one that is a favorite for it’s thick, unique and steady feel. It’s a solid look which can be paired up with a matching bracelet or a nice watch.

    The Miami Cuban Link Iced out, which gives you the same durable, heavy feel, but with some major bling bling. The diamonds create a look at me effect. If you prefer the flashy look, this is the style that we would highly recommend for you. You can pair it up with a matching bracelet or a nice blinged out ring.

      What about Size?

      So what are some of the things to consider when getting your Miami Cuban Link chain? One of the most important things to consider is size or width. The Cuban links chain come in an array of width often refer to as the millimeter. Usually one of the questions asked is about sizing, how big should I get my Cuban link? because in this case, yes size does matters. Some people prefer a thicker width or millimeter (MM). When it comes to size, it is a matter of personal taste and style. Keep in mind that with a thicker width comes a heavier weight (grams.) Most rappers like Jay Z, Drake, Offset amidst other, tend to like the larger than life width. If you are into a similar look, we recommend that you opt for a 14MM Width.  You can also go for a smaller size, such as 6MM for a less gaudy look, or stack on a few for a more upscale swanky style. Do not worry if you are not familiar with what the width/mm, we have a picture which illustrates what the width of the chains would look like as compared to the size of a quarter.


      One of the other factors to consider when purchasing a chain is the length. How long do you want your chain to be?  It used to be where the longer chains were in, however nowadays we are noticing an inclination with the shorter almost choker like lengths. If you are into this popular style, then opt for a 20” chain which typically falls an inch or two under the collar bone or at the collarbone. A 24” or longer chain can be the best option if you are looking to add a pendant. A 24” typically hangs just above the sternum.

      The layered look is super modern and looks way cool when pairing different lengths on. For example a 20” with a 24” chain, would look totally fly. When it comes to deciding what length to get you can use a measuring tape and measure the circumference around so that it falls where you would like your chain to fit. We also do have a picture which shows where the length of the chains would typically fall under.


      Gold or White Gold?

      Color is also one other factor to consider. The Yellow gold is usually a favorite, however a White gold chain can look quite sophisticated and particularly icy specially if you are going for the bling out Miami Cuban Link Chain. The main difference is just the color. However some would argue that certain skin colors make a factor, however there really is no technical answer. Again, a matter of preference and style.Take a look at our White Gold Cubans and fall decide which one is your preference. Get you both for some versatility and switch it up whenever you like! 

      How to rock your Cuban Chain

      So now that you have all the knowledge about the Miami Cuban Chain, what it is, where it comes from, what color you wear and what size you want, it’s time to rock your chain. You might be wondering what to wear and how to wear it? You already know the power of a nice chain sends a signal to society about who you are and what you are about. It’s speaks volumes in regards to how you want to be perceived. 

      Keep it simple but stylish:  Wear a nice watch with a nice gold band, maybe a matching Cuban Link Bracelet on the other wrist. If you’re the suit and tie type, you can even go ahead and wear some nice cuff-links and nice tie. If you like more of an urban type of guy  who likes t shirt and a hoodie-Jeans type of men, the classic urban men, adding a nice Cuban Link chain is always a good idea. A solid cu ban with a louder design or the iced out Cuban with the more muted tones.

      Gold tones tend to look nice with colors such as browns, deep blues, and green. While White gold look timeless and edgy with Black and Dark Gray tones. That is not to say you can’t wear your Gold chain with a solid White/Black color. A good tip is to know is that Neutral colors allow your Jewelry to shine, making it the highlight of your outfit.

      Styling your Cuban chain with some major attitude can be crucial to your status quo. Consider rocking your chain with the latest trends now like Nike, Adidas, Yeezy’s, joggers, layers, hoodies etc. You can kick it up a notch like Jay Z- wearing your Chain with luxurious wear for a more clean and dapper look.  Developing your personal style is well, personal.

      Match Metals: When it comes to the jewelry itself we recommend sticking to one metal at a time. White Gold with White Gold, Yellow Gold with Yellow Gold. Most people have a preference when it comes to color. Some prefer to stick to the traditional classic Yellow gold tone. White Gold can add an extra bling especially if you opt to go with a diamond piece chain. The White Gold paired with shiny stones adds a flashier flare. You can stick to the rule of sticking to the same gold kind. However there are few who layer on different metals and it can sometimes work. 

      Mix & Match: It is on trend now to rock more than one chain at a time. You can kind of play a little with this, you can stick to the same color or not, and you can mix & match the type of chain style you wear. For example, you can stick to two Cuban links chains, one shorter than the other, or you can rock a diamond chain with a Cuban chain. We have a few bundle options that you can check out on our site. There are some different designs update to the Cuban link chain that also looks great paired up with a solid Miami Cuban chain, like the Diamond Prong Set Cuban Link Chain. Take some notes from stylish rapper Offset, who layers on chains like a pro and looks great doing it! It all depends on your swag and confidence. Our Diamond Miami Cuban Link Bundle is a nice way to start pairing up your set. 


      Picture courtesy of Pinterest

      Another option for your Cuban would be pairing with a pendant. Although the Cuban links look great on their own. You can always choose to rock it with a just as fresh pendant. Back in the days and still some rappers today, love rocking an extravagant size pendant. For our preference we would suggest a size that corresponds with your chain and personal tendency. You can check our bundle options for our chains and pendants. A nice set like our Diamond Angel & Cross With Cuban Link & Franco Chain set is perfectly paired. The Angel pendant paired with the Cross pendant is a really stylish duo.


      The Cuban link chain represents a luxury fashion accessory which is definitely a head-turner on any occasion. It is also safe to say that the Cuban link chain is a timeless design that will never go out of style. Now that we have given you an in depth overview, we hope that it would help make for an easier decision when it comes time to get your Cuban chain. We would love to suggest that you get yourself two. One in the Yellow Gold tone and one in the White Gold tone so that you can switch up your style whenever you would like. If you can elect to add a Diamond Miami Cuban link and a solid one as well. 

      GoldUrban can assist you with getting your Cuban Link Chain shipped to you within 5 to 7 business days. Contact us today!

      November 07, 2019 — Collaborator