There’s nothing more synonymous with Hip Hop artists than a nice pair of Grillz. Grills, or as we like to call them Grillz for those who don't know, is basically jewelry for your teeth! Dating back to maybe even further way back when the ancient wealthy Mayans, would insert pieces of Jade into their teeth. Thankfully there’s no need to cause such harm anymore! A nice pair of grillz can become a unique form of accessory for some individuals.

However, Grillz are synonymous with urban street wear. They have been around since the start of the early 80’s hip hop revolution. This hot trend that started in Atlanta and quickly spread and became popular with the New York rappers as well. Who can forget Flava Flav in his grillz?!  The Grillz, gold chain and pendants, rings and fashion, represented a unique fresh form of expression in urban hip hop fashion.

What once was a staple piece for Male Rappers, became mainstream in the 2000’s worn by a wider variety of celebrities and pop culture. I know you remember the Queen of Pop rocking grills? Yup Madonna rocked grillz too. It’s not just rappers or males who don the grillz now. They have been worn by some of our very favorite female performers from Cardi B, Rihanna to our beloved southern belle singer Beyonce, which  has been seen sporting some hot flashy Grillz.  

You can easily match your favorite Chain to your favorite grillz to complete your look. You got to finish it off with a fab bracelet to compliment and tie in your complete swag. It’s never too much to be flashy when it comes to accessorizing your look.

When it comes to selecting some fire grillz set, we got you at Gold Urban. Not only with the best prices you will find, but with the flyest blinged out pieces. Like our Gold Diamond Grillz.  These grillz are extremely stylish and will showcase your superb sense of fashion. They can be easily accessorized with a matching Diamond Miami Cuban Link chain for instance.

Keep in mind that all of our grillz are Nickel and lead free. Another great thing about our Grillz is they do not require any molding! One size can fit pretty much everyone. So you don’t need to wait to send your mold in, you can get these shipped out within a week of placing your order. 

You can rock just the top set, but if you want to go all out and complete with the bottom Gold Diamond Grillz, we got you covered with the bottom set. You will be sporting some frosty teeth without breaking your pockets. You can pair these together, or just the top- just the bottom. There's no wrong way to rocking your grillz really! It's completely up to you and what you feel defines you. 

Remember that fashion is unique and it can push boundaries. So selecting how to wear your grillz and which one you purchase, is a very personal choice.



Now we know you are a get money hustler, and you want to showcase your wealth with some blinged out teeth. You can show off with your grillz too. Check our Dollar sign Gold Grillz. Maybe you just have a cool sense of humor, and these Grillz are fun and unique enough to showcase that.  You can easily wear these with a cool money sign pendant to bring out it out more and just show off your style.

You can go all out and have fun with these grillz. From Plain Gold Grillz, Cuban Grillz, Flames Grillz, open teeth-close teeth to just gold cap grillz. They are a unique way of expressing your style, and these are super affordable. So you can get yourself more than just one pair at a time. You can find your style here with our Grillz collection.

The summer is here, and you might be heading out to the park, or to some hot summer jam. You need to amp your style, and flash a little. Get you some nice grillz. We got something for everyone, so if you are looking for some bling for your teeth- call us, we can definitely hook up your grill!

June 20, 2019 — Arthur Ilyev