The summer is officially here and it's time to hit the streets in style and with some bling. What better way to turn up the heat than sporting a splendid looking chain?

Jewelry has always been a signature of wealth and luxury. Over the past few decades, jewelry style has truly changed the game and anyone who wants to show some status, usually owns a nice gold chain.  The evolution of jewelry has forever changed the way we see and feel about owning a distinguished piece of jewelry.

For instance, cuban link chains are highly requested and extremely popular in the streets wear scene. Part of the allure of these cuban link chains is their solid and sturdy look and feel. The links are very durable, and part of the allure is that they exude a luxurious air to them. One wearing a Miami Cuban Link chain, will always attract certain looks and awed. It's a sign of living large and getting money!  Celebrities, like our favorite rappers, are often spotted rocking a cuban chain (or more) which also adds to the charm of these chains.

Bigger is better, seems to be the name of the game when it comes to these hot commodity. Cuban Links have a nice heavy feel to them, and the wider the Millimeter the more appealing the look for some.If you want to upgrade your style, you would go for a nice larger width. Keep in mind the larger the width, the heavier the chain.

If you really want to get flashy and then we would recommend the blinged out look- like our very popular all Iced out chains . You can even pair it with a matching bracelet to captivate even more.


A Classy always a favorite solid Miami cuban chain.

New Hip Hop Rappers, like Lil Yatchy, are notorious for blinging out their jewelry. We have a huge selection of men chains and pendants which can help emulate some of that unique rich and opulent style that is so eminent with Hip Hop Culture. It's very popular in the urban street scene to rock a very flashy diamond chain. Check one of our fancy favorite styles for instance. This Diamond Miami Cuban Link, features an all iced out Box Lock. Which is one of the current trending styles that would turn heads this summer. It's super shiny which makes it a perfect piece of jewelry to own this summer and frankly all year long!

 These iced out clasp are frosty! 

We do offer an array of classy to flashy styles at our shop. It can be hard to choose which chain to get. We would always recommend to get one that best compliment your overall style and personality. Some chains can be worn by Men or Women, while others can compliment Men better. You can wear a nice pendant and chain set, or a cuban link. You can even pair up your chains to create a trending layered chains look. You can find all of the top necklace style at our shop. From Cuban, to Rope, Dog Tag, to Figaro, our chains are extravagantly appealing to suit your needs.

The layered chain styles are very popular and looks great for any event. You can wear it anywhere from a night out with the fellas to a date with your future wife or crush. The best way is to wear different sizes. For example, layer up a 30" cuban with a 24" Tennis chain for a mayor dope look. 



 These double stack chains combinations are pretty dope.


Now take this Iced Out Franco for example. The details down to the iced out crab lock are simply Fire! You want to impress, then we would recommend this as must have to add to your collection. It would pair up nicely with a Tennis Gold Chain, or a rope and pendant combination. A nice pendant and chain set it always a fun and stylish way to upgrade your style. You'll find an abundance of selection in our men chain collection.


Fresh to death in this iced out solid Franco!

We even make it easy to help you choose the length and width of your chain, by providing an image to help you visualize just how wide and where the length of the chain will best fit you. You want versatility and choice, we offer the option to mix and match at an affordable price. So you can pair up a 20” Chain with a 30” for example. The possibilities are endless.



Choose the best size and style that fits you!


No matter which style you get, you are sure to reflect a great sense of fashion and pride. These are all durable, and great pieces that can last you as long as you care for them. Our lifetime guarantee is also a great assurance that comes with your purchase.

July 02, 2019 — Arthur Ilyev