We love to bring out our bling in the summer weather, but jewelry is also a must have accessory to update your fall apparel. Fall is like the Mecca of Fashion. It’s the best time to bring out your style and personality, especially if you like rocking your boots and hoodies, and don’t forget to add a stylish gold chain to give your outfit that final urban street wear age. We at GoldUrban got you covered when it comes to choosing your bling, we have put together a little Fall accessory guide, to help you add some flava to your wardrobe this fall.

The Layered Look

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We love the layered look style, and we are not just talking clothes. The layered style chain look is also a perfect must have fall accessory that can help you amp up your fall wardrobe. A cool hoodie, with a nice long coat and the layered up chains look pretty stylish and urban. If you like, you can also wear a simple tee under a plaid long sleeve, which is always a must have fall time apparel. Adding layers to your style always looks super cool and edgy.




Laid back trendy


I call this style the laid back style, because it’s a simple t-shirt and jeans look that can be dressed to look super cool and trendy depending on what kicks you wear on your feet, and most importantly what chains you decide to accessorize with. For this look, we are inspired by A-Boogie wit the Hoodie- who makes a simple T-shirt and ripped jeans look extra cool with a couple of bling adorning his neck. For this look you can opt once again with the layered look, for a quick guide take a peek at our Bundle sets, or create your own with any of our many gold chains and pendants.

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 The Athletic look


The Athletic or sportswear looks has come a long way from rugged to leisure like. Nothing screams urban fashion like a cool Adidas Tracksuit. Style has elevated immensely over the years, allowing for sportswear to become more high fashion and acceptable. You can rock a cool sweater with a nice gold figaro chain and some nice fitted sweats, similar to Drizzy layback style. You can even opt for the white gold style, which can add a more blinged out look sometimes. You can never go wrong with a chill look like this.

If you prefer the Yellow Gold look for the fall, this Figaro chain is a classy style that you can easily dress up or down. But If you want to add a different edge, then the White Figaro or any of our White Gold chains, would also look great with this and other styles.


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The Fancy look

Want to clean up nice for a special occasion, work or hey just because, but still add your flare of style? Adding a gold chain or two, to a nice tailored suit is popping. Take some notes form Migos! You can wear this look super classy, with a small Franco link chain- opting for a small width, or you can turn it up a few notches with an iced out Cuban link. This style is effortlessly fly no matter which way you suit it up. With this look you will be fresh to death.


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GoldUrban.com Fall Fashion Covered


Here at Goldurban.com you will find a great selection of gold chains and accessories to become a fashion killa this fall. You can give us a ring, if you need some bling- our jewelry experts are always standing by to help you and offer some styling tips on how to make the most out of your purchase. So hit us up for a piece of two, and be a fall fashion maverick.



October 02, 2019 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator