Modern day accessories like gold chains have become as regular day wear to some of us wearing clothes. We love to wear our chains and we wear them with pride. To some of us, it’s almost a life investment to rock a nice bling chain. Such as a nice thick Cuban link. The hype of wearing chains goes way back when, it's not just modern day hype. Chains are as much an accessory as may we dare say clothing? pushing it maybe, but you can't deny a nice piece of jewelry, like chain, can make a whole outfit look put together. 

Let's learn some more about chains and discuss which ones we totally dig right now.

Chains go way back!


Did you know, chains have basically been passed down to us from our ancestors?! No really, it’s true. Chains date back to at least 2500 BC, when the ancient Egyptians started threading gold and silver together.  Gold was bountiful in ancient Greece, where they started creating pendants to wear with the chains, and by 300 BC the elite upper class wore lavish jewelry with gemstones.

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In the 1900’s men suits were the staple in men fashion. This is when pocket watches were all the rage, and they were worn hanging from chains. The most cavemen accessory of the time and we must admit, this style was kind of smooth and sharp. The most common style of chain used with these pocket watches style was the Cable link chain or the Flat link chain.


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It was not long before fashion started to change, along with the times and climates. During the 50’s when pocket watches and 3 piece suits were no longer the popular thing and casual wear was beginning to be a thing. The influence of music and fashion made a big impact during the 60’s when the era of layered chains, and medallions was about to begin it’s debut. Giving some much earned respect and awed to Jim Hendrix and his natural aura of impeccable style.

As technology advanced, so did the process of making chains. Throughout the 70’s and 80’s when chains began to become more extravagant. The 80’s giving birth to making chains a real fashion statement, thanks to the rise of rap and hip hop such a Run DMC, the Beasties boys. 

The Rope chain was a staple back then, just as much as it is today. L.L Cool J was another great example of the big chunky rope chain.

By the 90’s -2000’s hip hop became into an organized industry and more commercialized, and jewelry became a part of their marketing strategy. For example, record labels would compete in billboards flaunting their huge Chain and pendants. The Notorious BIG was can be remembered for his huge Jesus piece chain.

We are still so heavily influenced by this hip hop phenomenon, which has truly become more than just music. Gold chains have become a staple of our hip hop, and urban style culture and t’s an undying trend.


IN GOD WE TRUST(Or any other deity of your preference and belief.) 


Besides the act of making a fashion statement, chains can also represent religious status. Even these religious jewelry, can be dated back all the way to the Egyptian times, who worshiped many different God’s and  model their jewelry to showcase their devotions. Their designs included the serpent, the beetle,the falcon and the lotus, with their symbolic Ankhs or cross bars.. We still have some of these influences in our jewelry designs today.

Christianity also plays a major role in jewelry contribution, many gold chains feature many of the characters or saints most popular within the bible and culture.Take the most sought after religious chain for example, the Jesus piece. One could argue that this style is almost eternal. It is loved by not just religious fans, many people simply love wearing a gold cross or Jesus Piece. Biggie made his Jesus piece chain one of the most remembered trademarks, among many other rappers who made this piece a must have accessory. 


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For many, a religious piece is an important gift and sometimes it is the first gift given to a newborn child. Whether it is a simple gold cross chain, for the christian believer, or a Star of David, Hamsa, or Celtic knot to other religious groups it makes for a beautiful and meaningful gift. One can argue that you can’t ever go wrong with a gift of jewelry on any special occasion.



A Gold Chain....The Gift that last forever


It can sometimes be a tough decision trying to find a special gift. However, one can never go wrong with a nice chain. There are so many great selections to make. You can give something meaningful, or something that can just compliment the person style. When it comes to men, a gold chain is a gift that you could never go wrong with. Certain deciding factors include what width, and length besides the style, to get. Always consider the person and their style. We have guides which can help with making these decisions. As well as jewelry experts ready to help.

Even with women, who would not love receiving a nice Tennis Chain? Same can be said for a man of course. As of recent trends, the Tennis chain has indeed became a must have accessory. It makes for quite a nice luxurious gift for either men or women. We have an assortment of these beautiful Tennis chains with pendants and without, or even a stackable set. 

This is just an example of the many different styles we offer, which would make a nice and affordable gift idea, with the holidays coming up. This chains comes with a lifetime guarantee so you're sure to be giving a long lasting meaningful gift worth giving.




Chains are here to stay

We have determined that chains have been around and they will be around for many more years to come. Trends come and go, but gold jewelry has been a staple since the beginning of times. A chain is something that you will be able to pass down from generation to generation. It’s a matter of fashion, culture, class and status and sometimes sentimental value. We are always happy to help you in selecting the perfect size, width or style. Even when it comes to styling or jazzing up your style, we are more than happy to offer tips and more. So pick up one of our gold chains today for you and one for that special someone! 



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