A chain should be a staple in every stylish men neck! As noted on the GQ article, "A Necklace is hanging in every famous stylish guys neck right now." Let us show you our pick this week, the ever stylish Tennis Chain.

Do you know how the Tennis Chain/Bracelet got its name? These lavish jewels created during the 20th century, also called the eternity bracelet, were named Tennis Bracelet back in 1987 during the US Open. When interestingly enough, Chris Evert, interrupted the game because her precious bracelet had became undone, and that’s how it got it’s “Tennis Bracelet,” reference.

The tennis bracelet makes for a very special gift. You can give it as an anniversary gift, birthday, promotion, or any important milestone in your life. You can also just wear it to look as fashionably fly as you would like! 

The Tennis chain is very popular and always a classy staple. So many ways to wear it too. You can wear the layered up look, which is a tennis chain with another chain to can add an urban street stylish effect to your Tennis chain. You can even wear a double tennis chain! Hey even triple if you would like! You can add a cool pendant, or keep it simple with and smooth with a single chain and bracelet.

A tennis chain can look good whether you wear it with a nice suit, an open button down shirt, or a simple crisp white-t and button down shirt.

Here is a list of our trending tops Tennis Chain and Tennis Bracelet.


1. The Tennis Chains and Tennis Bracelet Bundle

 This set includes 2 tennis chains which you can customize to your liking. You can buy a longer and shorter set for the layered look. The options are between a 20,"  24” and 30” and the width is 4mm. The bracelet is available in 8” This set is available in the yellow tone.



2. The Diamond Cross & Tennis Chain set

This 3mm Chain is with beautiful cross chain set, can also be customized to your chosen length. It would look great styled up with a plain t-shirt and button down, or even dressed up to attend a club or event.



3. The Gold Diamond Tennis Chain and Bracelet set

Comes in 4mm, this classy clean cut Tennis Diamond Chain and Bracelet. This is the classy pair which can be worn or gifted for any special event. It makes the perfect gift, and is a truly special set to own.


We have an incredible assortment of Tennis Chains and bracelet, if you need any assistance with accessorizing your look, simply contact our stylist who will be more than happy to help you with selecting your set.

August 01, 2019 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator