A pendant is just as important as the necklace you chose. Granted, you can wear a chain without a necklace, however a nice chain and necklace can add a great deal of allure when it comes to accessorizing your look. 



 Spice up your style with our popular Angel pendant

There are many different types and forms of pendants- considered an ornament that hangs from any form of necklace, bracelet, earring etc. Selecting a pendant is a personal choice. Some like to express their religious views, others like to showcase their personal style or likes, and some can show off your personality.For example, a Gold cross and Jesus pieces, are often worn by religious fanatics, as it is sometimes regarded as a form of amulet or simply to identify themselves for their beliefs. Same as a Buddha necklace, or Star of David  pendant. In the same way, some just like to wear them as a fashion statement and nothing to do with its meaning and or affiliations. 



Pendants can be a status of wealth, or simply a cool fashion statement.  We love the variety we have at gold urban. You can find something for everyone, the football lover, to the funny emoji pendants. Men’s jewelry has evolved to so much more than just a watch, or ring. You can get creative with how you want to accessorize or style up your chain and look with a variety of pendants. You can make your pendant personal (and comfortable) to you, which is one of the most important details to consider when deciding on a pendant style. 


Let’s explore some of our own pendant styles, and let us guide you into making your best decision based on your personality. Lets’ start with a few classics, and explore some of the newest and different styles available. We’ll show you how to make a statement! Starting with the very popular Gold Cross. It’s a timeless style worn by many and it comes in a wide variety of designs to pick from. From diamond crosses to melting crosses, you can customize your necklace to your liking.


Gem stones are also a great choice when selecting a pendant.  A nice Ruby Pendant can go very classically styled with a button down shirt, opened just to show the beauty and delicacy of this piece. The beauty of style evolution is that you do not need a massive pendant to showcase masculinity, you can if you want to , but a nicely sized chain with a beautiful pendant can go a long way. Ranging from just 1.1-1.2” these Ruby pendant is a Gem to own.



When it comes to showing personality, we offer a diverse set of pendants that can enable you to show some sense of humor or style. We have a very nice selection of pendants such as Gold Emojis, the popular Gold Plug pendants and even Versace style. If you are into sports, we got you covered with a basketball or football pendant. So many style, that it may be hard to choose, we say get a couple of them and mix them up.



Our rocking emoji pendants are #trendy & Fresh


 The key is to select versatile pieces that would work with your daily use, or if using for special occasions only. Sometimes keeping it clean and simple is the way to go. All depends on what you story you’re trying to convey with your style. Step 1: choose the perfect chain style, length and width, step 2: select your pendant! Mix and match- pair up with a nice bracelet/ring and you’re all set! If you need any help then contact our style expert always standing by to help. We are confident that you will find the perfect style at GoldUrban.

July 25, 2019 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator