If you are looking for a nice sturdy chain, let us recommend a Franco Style Chain. If you want a hassle free chain, that won’t get tangle, this is the best option for you. They are also the perfect chain to pair with an oversized pendant since they are super sturdy and will be able to hold the weight.  

The Franco was named after the Italian man who came up with the design of this chain. It's design is similar to the cuban chain, but with the extra four sides which makes it more sturdy. We offer a variety of Franco chains. From our solid gold classic style, to the iced out and white gold variation. One of our most popular cut is our 14k Gold Mens Chain Solid Franco. 

Available 4mm and 6mm to the width of your preference. You can also customize the length to compliment your style. This a versatile style that can be easily worn and compliment any outfit. It can be your go to chain, for that street hip hop style, or you can wear it under a nice plaid shirt for a night out in the town. The Franco chain has always been one of the hottest style, and sometimes has bee refer to the "Lil Wayne chain."

You can also opt for the white gold style if you are more into the crisp, fresh look. Our 14K White Gold Mens Solid Franco Chain, is also customizable to your desired width and length. The Franco design is sometimes also called the snake chain, since it reflects a similar silhouette. White gold is an option that will always look good and stay in style.


Another great option to rock your Franco, is the layering look. You can layer up with any gold chain design, or opt for our Gold Cuban and Franco Chain set. The layers chain style is a popular way to look trendy and fashionable. This style adds sex and appeal and style undeniably. It brings any fit to life, its supper trendy and fashionable. 


Our chains are durable and 14K Gold plated. We offer a lifetime guarantee with our products to ensure that our customers are happy with their products. Contact our stylist if you need any help with selecting the perfect piece, for your upcoming occasion.



September 09, 2019 — Apolomultimedia.com Collaborator