You know the vibes, Pinky’s up showing off that blinged out Pinky ring, which is a sign of prestige, status and once upon a time that gangster way of life. Think back to the most notorious Mafiosos showing their status and representing with their Pinky ring. Stick with us, we are about to show you some Pinky rings from our very own exclusive collection.

So what is a Pinky ring and how do you wear it? It’s a ring worn on the 5th finger, also known as the pinky or baby finger, little finger.  Sometime during the Victorian times, wearing a ring on your pinky meant that you were not interested in marriage. As the 20th century approached, it became more of a fashion statement. It is just stylish to don a Pinky ring. It is also no secret that a man wearing a pinky ring, suddenly becomes more alluring- it's an air of mystery that makes others want to know who is that man?!

Needless to say, nothing says Manly Man like a pinky ring. For the Alpha male, the Italian Mobster, The rockstar, the Hustler and even the Spiritual guru. A pinky ring has become a staple to set your standard and pinky, high. You name it, we got it, a pinky ring that will set you apart and establish your personality and style. We are going to show you some of our favorite, as well as how to style and wear your pinky style. Keeping in mind that style is unique and personal. You make it your own, we provide the goods. 


Gold Pinky Ring | 25.6 Grams

Traditionally you would wear your Pinky ring on the left hand, picture it glistening next to your wedding band… Or as a stand alone, it really does not need much to stand out. Especially if you wear one with all diamonds around like our very popular 25.6 grams Gold Pinky Ring. This ring is simply exquisite and does not need much to stand out. You can wear this with a nice suit to a prestigious meeting, or with a fly outfit to hit the club scene or chill in the block. Picture you rolling, pinky’s up in a fly whip? This ring will certainly catch the eye of the onlookers. It’s classy but can also be flashy, all in how you rock and show off your style.


A Pinky ring can also offer an air of mystery. If you love to stay low key or establish yourself as an important member of society, may we recommend our freemason style Pinky ring. This gold pinky ring, is super stylish and elegant and can be paired up with a matching gold chain to stand out. You can choose the style of your chain, wether you wear it with a classy rope, Franco or cuban cut. It is all on you and your very personal preference. Our ring collection  does offer a very nice variety, you can certainly find something for everyone. 


Mens Gold Pinky Ring | 18.8 GramsMens Gold Franco Chain & Freemason Pendant | Appx. 17.5 Grams


You can wear your pinky ring everyday and show off your personal sense of class and style. A pinky ring is very much a statement piece, and you can not go wrong with any style you chose. While it is trendy, it is also very classy and attractive for a man to don a nice pinky ring. There’s so many great styles, shapes to select from so that you can pick one that matches your personality. We have picked 3 different styles and shapes to show you some variety below. Do not be afraid to experiment and play with your style. After all that is how you’re going to come into finding what is right for you. Throw on a nice gold chain and gold bracelet, or wear alone. You’ll still be setting some high standards, as only a pinky ring seems to add that elegant and significant air of “je ne sais quoi.”


From flashy style to casually allure, we have a great selection of fine pinky rings. Stones, no stones, even Hermes style. Round, square, diamond- shapes are limitless. When it comes to showcasing what you wish to represent, we hope to offer you with a unique sense of self and style to suit your individual personality. With great quality and amazing prices offered. You can contact us if you need any help with selecting a style that represents you, or if you have any general questions. Gold Urban is the perfect place to find your Pinky ring.



July 18, 2019 — Betty Dominguez